Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LH Research HC2500 Power Supply

LH Research used to produce its HC2500 power supply series. This LH Research series is no longer available. Our company, Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. now has a replacement power supply line that may meet your need for a HC2500 MOSFET Switcher.

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. (PMI) has shipped over 700,000 of standard, mods and custom AC-DC, DC-DC, rectifier and inverter switchmode power supplies ranging from 500 to over 10,000 Watts in just the last 40 of our 50-year history. Recognized as an industry leader, the reliability of our units is confirmed by repeated orders from major customers worldwide. The Demonstrated Mean Time Between Failure (DMTBF) for a typical PMI power supply today may range between 1 and 3 million hours, depending on product type and quantity shipped.

We are certain to have a replacement product for your LH Research HC2500 power supply.
Please contact our design team today. Our application engineers are here to help you with your HC2500 power supply replacement questions. Call 800-269-642.

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