Sunday, December 16, 2012

HC1030 Power Supply Replacement

Quality Control is Pioneer Magnetics, Inc.  highest priority. Pioneer's system is modeled after ISO standards and BABT guidelines. Pioneer Magnetics entire company is continually audited by many of the largest manufacturers of computer systems, telecommunications, process controls, and medical equipment. This means that consistent quality service and full tracking capabilities are essential elements of their quality program.

Back in the day, HC Power used to produce its HC1030 and HC1040 (1000 Watt) Series. Now that this series is no longer available, Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. now has a replacement power supply line that may meet your need for a HC1030 or HC1040 MOSFET Switcher.

We at Pioneer Magnetics, Inc, are certain to have your HC power HC1030 or HC1040 power supply replacement unit available to you.

Please contact one of our highly trained application engineers for all of your HC power HC1030 power supply needs by phoning 800-269-642.

In addition, our HC power HC1030 power supply and HC power HC1040 power supply replacements are available on line.

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