Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HC Power HC10 Power Supply

400VDC Non-Isolated Bulk Power 10kW with PFC in 3U Package

HC Power used to produce its HC10 (1000 Watt) Series. Now that this series is no longer available, Pioneer Magnetics now has a replacement power supply line that may meet your need for a HC10 MOSFET Switcher. 

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. Modular PFC Product Series can also be used in applications where 400VDC non-isolated single output bulk power converter is required.

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. will have a power supply to replace your HC Power HC10 power supply.
Call one of our application engineers today at 800-269-642.

In addition, our HC Power HC10 power supply replacement catalog is available on line.

Please contact us today!

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