Monday, August 6, 2012

Switch Mode Power Supplies - Manufacturer

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. is dedicated to providing high-quality value-added AC-DC, DC-DC, rectifier and inverter switch mode power supplies, power systems and engineering support to original equipment manufacturer companies as well as to the end user.

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. offers a premier broad line of AC-DC, DC-DC, rectifier and inverter switch mode power supplies with single and multiple outputs. Power Factor Correction, Battery Back-uu and Fault Tolerant Systems are all available.

Pioneer Magnetics set the dimension standard for the first mass-produced switch mode power supply. It was in the 1960’s that PMI first produced “The Slot” – a 5” X 8” X 11 ½” switcher. We have a staff of very highly trained engineers that are waiting to hear from you regarding your switchmode power supply requirements. Call 800-269-6426. OR Visit our switch mode power supplies catalog on line.

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