Friday, July 13, 2012

Todd Power Supply Replacement Location

Todd power supply failure?

Need a replacement?

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. exists for the purpose of designing and manufacturing reliable products; providing excellent service, operating a profitable business, and meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations.

There are "thousands" of Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. older as well as PMI's newer technology power supplies still available that could solve your replacement needs.

You don't have to worry any more about your older, failed Todd power supply.

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. has a 50-year history of designing and manufacturing products for all markets. Although Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. produces a variety of standard and custom products, PMI’s niche is the “one offs” or “mods.”

Call Pioneer Magnetics at 800/269-6426 or view our Todd Power Supply replacement catalog on line.

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