Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lambda USA Power Supply Repair Facility

You don't have to worry any more about your older, failed Lambda USA power supply.

Need a Lambda USA power supply?

We Have The Largest Selection Of Replacement Products For Lambda USA power supplies.

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. is a premier power supply repair facility that includes converter repair and also rectifier repair. At Pioneer Magnetics, Inc., our trained technicians perform switch mode power supply repair as well as power supply refurbishment but not limited to AC-DC converter repair and rectifier refurbishment.

If you have a Lambda USA power supply that is too expensive to repair or if you have a Lambda USA power supply that may not have been repaired with originally designed and/or factory approved parts, Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. has the solution to your problem.

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc, application engineers are waiting to go over all your Lambda USA power supply repair requirements today, call 800/269-6426.

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