Thursday, May 10, 2012

Artesyn Power Supply Replacement

Artesyn power supply failure? Need a replacement?

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. is the perfect company that will meet your Artesyn power supply replacement needs!

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. technology is widely respected throughout the industry. Our research group has developed and patented over 60 innovations relating to switching power supplies and test equipment. A typical example is Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. patented Power Factor Control (PFC) Circuit technology.

If you have an Artesyn power supply that is too expensive to repair or if you have an Artesyn power supply that may not have been repaired with originally designed and/or factory approved parts, Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. has the solution to your problem.

The Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. staff will do everything possible to quickly solve your failed Artesyn power supply problem!  Call today 800-269-6426


Visit us online for all your Artesyn Power Supply replacement requirements.

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