Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AC-DC Power Supplies Manufacturer

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. is primarily a low voltage and high power AC-DC Power Supply company. Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. is dedicated to providing high-quality value-added AC-DC power supplies. Pioneer Magnetics’ AC-DC power supply technology is widely respected throughout the industry. Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. Research & Development group has developed and patented over 60 innovations relating to switching power supplies and test equipment.

Today, Pioneer Magnetics produces systems with power outputs ranging from 500 Watts to 10 kW in a 5” x 5” unit.

Without a doubt, the PMI staff will do everything possible to quickly solve your AC-DC power supply requirements!

Call Pioneer Magnetics at 800/269-6426 or view our AC-DC power supplies website today.

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