Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rack Mounted Power Supplies

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. is primarily a low voltage and high power AC-DC Power Supply company.

Rack Mounted Power Supplies are available in 1U, 2U or 3U configurations - standard or custom. Redundant Power Supplies is a great feature for those customers that need N+1 configurations.

The PM1450 rack mounted power supply series offers unusual flexibility and capacity, while providing a complete power system solution. Up to three 5" x 5" supplies are housed in a 19" rack, and up to four supplies in the 23" rack. This means that four 8100-watt supplies can provide 32.4kW of power in a single 23" rack. Stacking up five shelves can supply 162kW Watts of redundant power in just 31.5" of rack mounted power supply height. Custom system expansion and future upgrade capacity are readily available.

Pioneer Magnetics has a large staff – Customer Service, Sales/Marketing and Application Engineering that will immediately help you with your rack mounted power supply needs.

Call Pioneer Magnetics! 800/269-6426

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