Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Power Supply Press Release

400VDC Non-Isolated Bulk Power 10kW with PFC in 3U Package

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. Modular PFC Product Series can also be used in applications where 400VDC non-isolated single output bulk power converter is required. With PFC, output power can be maintained with a 30% reduction in RMS line current. Other advantages include improved hold-up performance, reduced line harmonics, and insensitivity to voltage and frequency variations. Because they effectively eliminate harmonic currents, the converters are ideal for applications where neutral wire current exceeds recommended ratings due to waveform distortion caused by the typical off-line units.

With wide AC input range, 90 to 264VAC, 1P or 3P, the bulk power supply can deliver 10kW of output power in a 3U” package with operating temperature ranges from 0°C to +50°C at full load.

The converter is housed in a self-contained, forced air-cooled enclosure. The DC output is brought out to a 6-32 screw terminal and is protected by a built in DC fuse. The AC input is via the 8-32 screw terminal barrier block and is protected by an internal AC fuse. A load enable output signal is provided to indicate when the load should be enabled. The bulk supplies are designed to meet agency requirements for UL, CSA, TUV EN60950-1 and conducted and radiated EMI to EN55022 Level A.

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