Monday, December 12, 2011

Pioneer Magnetics Serves The World

For over 50 years, Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. has designed and manufactured product that is continually shipped to all countries in the world. Regardless of a benign office application or a harsh environment, Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. products stand the test of time.

>700,000 "Switchers" have shipped during the last 40 years.

Many PMI customers have maintained a true customer-supplier relationship with our company for > 20 years.

DMTBF (Demonstrated Mean Time Before Failure) for products can be > 3 million hours.

Certified service centers are conveniently located throughout the world: Australia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and UK.

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. also supports third-party repair companies and military installations around the world.

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